The Story of Partners for Paraguay 

After several years of serving in Paraguay, two couples from the USA learned very valuable lessons and principles from their Latin American and First Nation friends.  The lessons learned were not taught from a text book nor in a class-room setting. Three key lessons learned were that the Body of Christ is interconnected, intercultural, and interdependent.  

These couples ultimate desire was to see every person (from every ethnic group) with the opportunity to become a THRIVING DISCIPLE of Jesus Christ. They knew that to make a global impact they would need to found a nonprofit in the United States in order to partner with local churches, organizations, and individuals as they train, equip and mobilize disciples of Jesus Christ to reach the unreached with the Gospel.

At that time, the two couples served with  ORGANIZACIÓN ÑANDUTÍ,  a nonprofit Paraguayan organization that was started in 2007 and operational since 2014. “Ñandutí” means “spider web” in Guaraní and is the name of a traditional Paraguayan embroidered lace. Like a spider web, the Body of Christ is interconnected, intercultural, and interdependent, and the mindset of interdependency leads to Christians networking together in the Great Commission.
 Throughout the history of modern missions, generations of missionaries have come and gone, including their own family members. Many of the churches established seemed to "dry up and not bear much fruit" after western missionaries had moved on. Mission paradigms needed some significant adjustments to be able to identify genuine disciples of Jesus Christ.  In their desire to see the emergence of thriving disciples among every people group, they took the step of faith and founded Partners for Paraguay.

Now, some say that Paraguay is a small country and their people are not likely to have the same impact on the world as the countries located in the Northern Hemisphere. Yet these couples believed that God had a special role for Paraguay to fulfill in the Great Commission and that God intentionally chooses the least-likely people to accomplish His purposes.  Why? Because it brings Him greater glory, and  no one can brag about their own craftiness or strength. "Paraguay" is therefore an idea. A model. A worldview.

 For that reason,  Partners for Paraguay Inc. was  incorporated in the United States on December 12, 2016, with its initial office located in Asunción, Paraguay.

The vision is to see every person with the opportunity to become a THRIVING DISCIPLE of Jesus Christ.

Organizational Structure

The founders of Partners for Paraguay desire to reflect the servant leadership style modeled in Jesus. There is a Board of Directors who oversee the nonprofit as a whole. There is an administrative team that provide the  day-to-day responsibilities. Finally, there is a network of individuals, churches, and organizations (nonprofits and businesses) that work jointly in partnership. Graphic coming soon.

Partners for Paraguay Network  Model

Partners for Paraguay's network includes life, which refers to the relationship that we have with God through Jesus Christ and livelihood, which refers to the outworking of our life in the marketplace and community.