We train local churches, organizations, and individuals
with materials and courses.

Missionary Training Center “Parque  SAMM”  

We believe that the Church is sent by God to evangelize the world and disciple the nations, as seen by the Great Commission that Jesus gave His disciples before He ascended to heaven in Matthew 28:19-20, and because of this, we provide local churches, organizations, and individuals with training materials and courses at Parque SAMM in Southern Paraguay, a  cross-cultural training center. Since 2016, we have provided  a specialized course of ten months: five months of classroom and five months of field experience. The classroom instructors are respected leaders and excellent communicators, who are qualified academically and have field experience in cross-cultural ministries from different countries.  Parque SAMM has had over 300 students since 1999 from various countries.

Our Missionary Training Center has various financial needs in administration, housing and general maintenance, childcare center, staff personal support, and scholarships for students. Would you consider partnering with us as we train others?

Training Courses

We provide different courses throughout the year in different settings as well as facilitate partnerships with other entities to see individuals, local churches, and organizations trained in these areas:
1.) Missions Mobilization
2.) Evangelism and Discipleship
3.) Chronological Bible studies
4.) Worldview
5.) Leadership
6.) Raising Awareness and Training on Abuse Prevention
7.) ProVida and Family
8.) Pastoral Care
9.) Business

Partner with us as we train others.