John & Barb Windler

Serving in ministry since 1990
John and Barb Windler live in northern Paraguay, where they coordinate the mobilizing and equipping initiatives of the Pai Tavytera church, called the Pai Nation Strategy. They work closely with Mark and Odie Goddard and Wes Goddard.
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Mike & Trisha Goddard

Serving in ministry since 2003
Mike and Trisha Goddard live in the capital city of Paraguay, where they coordinate the initiatives of P4P and Organización Ñandutí (Paraguayan non-profit) by mobilizing and holistically empowering the national and First Nations churches.
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Simon & Lavonne Challinor

Serving in ministry since 1994
Simon and Lavonne Challinor live in the United States, where they coordinate P4P’s international training program. Currently, they are developing a network of partners throughout North and South America.
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