Who is a partner?

Partners For Paraguay is building a network of local churches, organizations (nonprofits and businesses), and individuals that agree to commit resources and energy to seeing all ethnic groups in the world with access to the Gospel in their heart language and with the tools to thrive in their relationship with Jesus Christ and fulfillment of the Great Commission.  Partnerships are often expressed formally between institutions through written contracts and MOUs (memorandums of understanding). Partnerships are also expressed through relationship and trust between people. We believe that the most meaningful and long-lasting partnerships are built on healthy relationships between thriving disciples of Jesus Christ and is solidified into formal agreements that endure the passing of time.

Discover the levels of partnership that best describe where you are.

Levels of partnership

Identity in Christ

By accepting God's free gift of salvation by faith through Jesus Christ alone, we share in the Body of Christ. Jesus calls us to love, respect, honor, edify, and care for one another. The first level toward healthy partnership in ministry is our shared identity in Christ.  


By pursuing fellowship, communion, and shared experiences together, it builds community. The goal of a local church is to provide the environment for a community of people seeking to grow in their newfound identity in Christ. 


When one person is inspired to act by faith on an idea, others rally and short-term goals are established to start and complete a project. This third level of partnership is essential to determine people's maturity levels, leadership skills, gifts and talents. 


Many people are thrust into high degrees of teamwork before passing through the first stages of partnership, however, this fourth level is based on long-term goals and commitments. It is a necessary part of fulfilling the Great Commission in our generation.

How can I partner?

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TRAIN in spiritual life and livelihood.

EQUIP with tools needed to thrive.

MOBILIZE to unreached people groups.


Let's build a network to see every person with the opportunity to become a THRIVING DISCIPLE of Jesus Christ.