What does it mean to mobilize?

A thriving disciple of Jesus Christ has a healthy discontentment with the status quo and is always growing spiritually which results in strategies that train, equip, and mobilize other followers of Christ. A mobilizer will take initiative to influence others to also grow and serve those within their immediate sphere of influence. A mobilizer is an advocate for the voiceless, unreached people groups of the world. A mobilizer will do what is necessary to take the Church to places and language groups where the Church is not yet present or is not yet mobilizing their own. A mobilizer will often focus on a specific area such as: prayer, fundraising, events and conferences, business as mission, networking, and training materials. 

Who do I mobilize?

When thinking about mobilizing, there are always two focuses: myself and others. As I learn and grow, I will seek to mobilize other disciples.


For me to become a mobilizer, I will commit to investing time and energy into learning and growing. I actively seek online courses, attend seminars on cross-cultural ministry, do personal studies from God's Word, go on a short-term missions trip, partner with a ministry in my community and/or overseas, and research unreached people groups. 


Mobilizing others is not "telling people what they need to do", yet it is inviting others to engage in what you are learning and doing. When my goal is to see others a part of mobilization, I will actively mobilize others.  As we seek to make thriving disciples of Jesus Christ among the least reach people groups of the world, it is imperative that we partner together. 

Where do I mobilize?

In Acts 1:8, the early church started in Jerusalem and steadily moved out farther away among other language groups. My first area of responsibility is to my community. I may discover pockets of unreached people groups within a few miles from my home and local church. My research may lead me to discover unreached people groups within my county, state ,or country.  I may find that there are countries where there are people groups with little or no contact with Scriptures in their heart language nor people to share the Gospel message in a culturally relevant way.

As God burdens my heart, my mobilization strategies will continue to expand outward until the final ethnic group has access to the Gospel.

As I mobilize, my next step is to partner to see every person with the opportunity to become a THRIVING DISCIPLE of Jesus Christ.

Resources to help me mobilize.