Christmas Shoe Boxes

Author: Mike Goddard
In August, we delivered 600 Christmas shoe boxes to 4 Pai Tavytera communities. Two of those communities are where Mike’s brother and sister serve. We packed our truck with 18 big boxes full of the Christmas shoe boxes and traveled 5 hours to North Eastern Paraguay. All the shoe boxes are prepared by individuals and churches in the USA, who in turn partner with Samaritan’s Purse to send the boxes overseas.

Upon arrival to Mike´s sister´s home, we went together and delivered  the Christmas shoe boxes to the first community where the Pai First Nations children were waiting at the church. When everyone gathered at the local church, the children’s names were read one by one from the list, and a gift was given to each child, according to their age. The children were told by the Pai overseeing the project to wait to open the boxes until they returned home. Most exercised extreme self-control!  A few kids did open their box, and to their delight, they found stuffed animals, soccer balls, clothes, and more goodies to be enjoyed!

It was a privilege to be a part of this project. It is not only about giving each child a gift, but it is also about showing the love of Christ to all the children of the community, through the local church. Thanks to each of you who have participated in a Christmas shoe box ministry!  

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