New believers baptized

Author: Mike Goddard

I believe in God, that He died on a cross, shed His blood to cleanse my sin, was taken down from the cross, and laid in a tomb, only to raise back to life again in three days!

These were the simple, yet profound words of an Angaite man (seen in photo above) prior to his baptism in the Paraguay River on Sunday. While those of us that live in cities are under strict quarantine, our Angaite friends in rural Paraguay are enjoying greater liberty. During the past 50 days of social distancing and prohibitions of church gatherings, the Angaite church leaders have chosen to make regular rounds, going from house-to-house to encourage and share a truth from Scripture.

The result? Many are drawn into a relationship with Jesus Christ!

The Angaite church decided to baptize 7 new believers on Sunday. Two were from their immediate community and 5 from a Paraguayan community where they have been doing outreach for several years.  

“It had been so long since we shared time together as a church that we didn’t want the baptismal to end!”  This was the comment from one of the church members, and he added, “We look forward to the day when these restrictions are lifted, and we can meet again each Sunday.”

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