A Thriving Father

Author: Mike Goddard
No one is more appreciative of the thriving father than his family.

I wish everyone could experience being raised by a father who prioritizes his relationship with God, feels his day is incomplete if he missed reading Scriptures at the start of the day, and has the humility to apologize when truly “messing up”. That was my personal experience with my father. The unconditional love of God was central to our lives as a family, and it wasn’t phony or counterfeit. It was real.  

As I grew older and listened to the stories and experiences of children and adults from different cultures and countries, I came to the realization that the thriving father is an exception and not the norm. I believe we could safely state that God’s design and intent for fatherhood has been undermined by an Enemy, even before Adam’s fateful choice to have a family picnic under the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden.

Our real enemy is not the absent, abusive, and unloving father or man that played that role in our life. It is God’s own enemy, Satan, also known as “the father of lies”.  It is sin, which leads to separation, also known as “death”.  If a man is willing to become that thriving father that his son or daughter needs, he must first understand that how the Heavenly Father, His Son, and His Holy Spirit, jointly took every measure necessary to defeat the enemy. He paid the price to give life, protection, and freedom from sin and Satan. This is the Gospel, the good news. It is the only permanent and reliable solution for a father to overcome his weaknesses and to thrive.

As I celebrate Father’s Day this year, I’m reminding how vital it is for me to pursue to become a thriving father. A man after God’s own heart. A man who prioritizes his relationship with Jesus Christ. A man living under control, control of the Holy Spirit. If I am going to love my wife and children in this messy world, I am going to need to draw from my Heavenly Father and walk in the example left to me by my earthly father. By God’s grace, my sons will do the same.  
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