How can I thrive?

Author: Mike Goddard


The reason the Gospel (good news) is indeed wonderful news, is because the relationship between me and my Creator is restored by accepting His gift. The gift I accept by faith, is Jesus' death, burial and resurrection as God's only solution and payment for my sin-debt. Having accepted the free gift of salvation, spiritually I am made a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17) and have eternal life. Not only have I been liberated from the penalty of sin (which is death), but also from the power of sin over my life. My relationship has been restored with the Giver of Life and I am once again spiritually alive!

For this reason, as a follower and disciple of Jesus Christ, I can thrive and flourish in everything I do. My priority is to grow spiritually and in maturity. I seek healthy relationships with people that facilitate my growth. I never stop learning, but I enroll in classes, read good literature, consume sound video content, and engage in meaningful conversations.

By growing and maturing, my life is transformed holistically to reflect Jesus Christ. My attitude improves. My marriage is deeply impacted. The way I manage my household  is affected. My neighbors notice a change. My workplace becomes a place of worship and service. My burden for the world increases.

Jesus said, I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.(John 10:10).  My relationship with Jesus Christ translates into my ability to THRIVE as a disciple and effective tool in His hands.


The same Gospel (good news) that had the power to make me alive spiritually and to transform my life also has the ability to empower those around me.  As I reflect on the process I needed to go through to become a thriving disciple of Jesus Christ, it motivates me to show others the way. I begin to find fulfillment in serving God by serving others and helping them restore their relationship with God. I seek ways to come alongside them as they discover and reach their fullest potential as a servant to the Gospel.

As I identify increasing numbers of people around me that are thriving and flourishing, I ask myself if there are individuals from other ethnic groups in my home country and in the world that are deprived of this same privilege.  

What kind of resources and training are available to me to better serve people with a different language, culture and worldview?  

How can cross cultural and geographical barriers to see others thriving?  

What kind of tools have been developed to help me equip others?

Some of the same principles and tools that I used to grow and thrive in my own life and ministry, can be contextualized for other ethnic groups around the world.

How will you grow and thrive today?

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