The Tetelestai Project

Author: Mike Goddard
I first heard about the newly established organization called Light In Action in 2009 and was drawn to their ambitious goal of equipping Christians with a media tool that can reach deep into limited access countries where there are ethnic groups without a clear Gospel witness. Only a year later, while on a trip with my family to Brazil, I had the unique opportunity to watch the first video in the 11-episode series of Tetelestai. I remember it clearly because to my delight, my children were captivated by the familiar Story of Redemption being narrated by two energetic people with enhanced creative cinematic visuals to grab their attention.
Tetelestai is a single Greek word that was spoken by Jesus while hanging on the cross. He was on the cross as a voluntary payment for the sin-debt of mankind; a debt that was incurred when Adam and Eve rebelled against God in the Garden of Eden. As evidenced by the conduct of their decedents, the sin debt was passed on to each generation. God provided a temporary solution for Adam and his children through the death of an innocent lamb to take their place. For the debt to be paid in full, God sent His one and only Son to be born of a woman called Mary, to live a life without sin and to take upon Himself our debt. His righteousness was sufficient to pay our debt once and for all. While yet on the cross, Jesus cried out, “Paid in full!” or Tetelestai! (also translated as “It is finished!”).

The good news that Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, is God’s only solution for the sin-debt, has not yet been clearly communicated in all the language groups in the world. Approximately 42% of the world population is still considered unreached by many and more than 3 billion people have extremely limited access to the Gospel (see for source and additional information).
As we celebrate Easter Sunday this year, consider watching Tetelestai with your family on YouTube. Share Tetelestai with a friend or neighbor. You can use the Study and Facilitator Guides that can help you as you teach a Sunday School class or lead a small group discussion. You will find the free PDF and Power Point files very helpful in addition to the video series. If you feel you need the physical DVDs and printed Guide, you can purchase them on

This year, all around the world, Christians will be celebrating "Holy Week" and Easter Sunday in their homes and with their families due to the COVID-19 global pandemic and need for social distancing. Many will log into social media outlets and join video conferencing with their mobile devices. This is the perfect time for the Good News of salvation to be heard, understood and embraced. Together, lets use this tool to fulfill the Great Commission and make disciples of Jesus Christ.
Finally, pray for our team in Paraguay as they coordinate the translation and dubbing of Tetelestai in Guarani and the Facilitator Guide with Power Points into Spanish. May this tool aid you in your ministry and may the Gospel be proclaimed among the least reached people groups of the world!

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