Youth Commit their Lives to Christ

Author: Trisha Goddard
The very first RELIEP Joven (youth) Conference was held July 12-14 in Santaní, a town about 2 hours from the capital of Paraguay. There were a total of 165 people in attendance, plus visitors stopping by to say hello. The young people were from the following First Nation groups: Mbya Guaraní, Ava Guaraní, Ache, Paĩ Tavyterã, and Toba Maskoy.

The goal was to draw youth leaders together, invest in their lives and development so that they return to their areas of influence as committed Christ-followers living for God’s glory.

The Lord is raising up a generation of First Nations youth to become what we are calling “The Fourth Wave of Missions”.

As we have pointed out in the past, the First Wave of missionaries were predominately westerners, the Second Wave – the nationals living within each country, and the Third Wave – the First Nations ethnic groups.

What then is a Fourth Wave?  It could very well be the final missing piece for the fulfillment of the Great Commission in our generation: to see the last and final tribe granted full access to the Gospel in their heart language.
Mike was invited to speak on the believer’s identity in Christ and its practical application to First Nation youth coming from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

2 Corinthians 5:16 speaks of gaining a new perspective on reality.

Mike illustrated by placing shades over his eyes and seeing life through God’s point of view, regardless of circumstances or cultural ideals.

We were all excited to see a very large group of youth commit their lives to the Lord for His glory and service to His kingdom. These young people will return to their communities and become agents of change.

Joshua Chang of Green Windows Ministries was invited as a special speaker during the RELIEP Joven conference. His stories of the tribal groups of the Amazon and from other continents were inspirational to the youth of Paraguay. Joshua has been a tremendous blessing to the First Nation leaders in Paraguay.

What role did the Goddards have in RELIEP Joven? 
We provided the behind-the-scenes services, such as hosting the Guest Speaker, fund raising, purchasing supplies, accounting, brokering site for the conference, writing letters of invitation, digital marketing, photography, and general council. Andres had a good team of Paraguayan youth helping him with logistics which alleviated much of our regular load. We felt very relaxed this conference and loved seeing how everyone found ways of helping Andres.
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