How it all started

Author: Mike Goddard
In 1955,  my grandfather, Robert Goddard Sr., left his homeland in rural Nebraska, USA with his wife and seven children. He could not get Paraguay off his mind after hearing about First Nations people groups with little or no access to the Gospel. His life had a direct impact on six First Nations groups, including the hostile Ayore of the Chaco region.

Only a decade after first arriving to Paraguay, two of his sons returned to Paraguay with their families. From their efforts, they were able to see churches planted among three ethnic groups. The story doesn't end here. 

Expanding the vision...

Five of the grandchildren caught the vision as well as some of the great-grandchildren. Each of them are serving faithfully in their respective areas of calling.

I married Trisha Jennett, a missionary kid from the USA. We have had the honor of working alongside both Latin and First Nations leaders to mobilize and equip the existing church to take the church where it is not.

John Windler married Barbara Goddard, one of the 5 grandchildren. They have had the joy of seeing many Pai Tavytera come to know Christ through their ministry and walking in obedience to God’s Word.

During the years of ministry, we shared a commitment with the Windlers to partner with local churches, organizations, and individuals as they train, equip, and mobilize disciples of Jesus Christ to reach the unreached with the Gospel. On December 12, 2016, Partners for Paraguay Inc. was incorporated in the United States.

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